Timex Originals Classic Round

After our watches moved from the pocket to the wrist, Timex described how the planet read a clock. Toward the conclusion of the 1960's each third watch sold was a Timex. Enlivened by notable Timex styles, Timex Originals advise a vivid story going again to 1854. It's not unique unless its a Timex. The development is the name for the internal workings of the watch, the part that really keeps time. Developments ordinarily succumb to two classifications: mechanical and quartz. The presentation is the part we take a gander at to see what time it is, the date, and any viable informative content that specific watch gives. 

Special Features:
  • INDIGLO® Night-Light
  • Water-Resistant to 30 meters
  • Python Pattern Strap with Metallic Wash
  • All-Black Tonal watch